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Calgary Expo has come and gone and it was a major success.

I sold out of Turtle prints and will have to make more, the stickers were a hit (Although I forgot them and had to get them sent to me - d'oh!).

I have had requests for Adventure Time stuff, so I'll have something along those lines for Saskatoon and Edmonton.

I hope you have tickets, because I think the show is sold out. I will be at table E12 in the main building.

This year I have a 'Pay what you can' box of original art and a semi-anonymous donation box associated with it so you can pick up some of my older work even if you don't have a lot of cash. I did an archaeological dig and there's some art in there from 1996 (Wowsers) and as recently as 2011.

Also, of course, there will be 'You as a....' commissions. This year I'm extending it to Pony, Kitty, and Minion.

Hope to see you there!
I didn't know if I'd be there this year, but I'll be there.

I have been moved to the main dealer's room! Jinkies! 

I shall have stickers and prints and awesomness. Probably a ton of stickers because I found a ton of sticker paper when I moved :D

See me at Table E12 in the main hall!
While I get my artspace set up, I am open for small commissions. Prices do not include postage. I realize I only have my at-con prices up, so here are my small commission rates.

Cuties: $15
You-as-a-pony: $20
Personal Sketch Card: $30 colour, $10 pencil
Convention badges: Start at $30

Artist return cards (Spellcasters, Star Wars, Batman): Varies. Please ask!

I won't be open for anything big for a while.
I had a great time in Chicago and will post some of my con doodles. If I drew you a pony or a minion, please scan it if you can and send it my way. Especially the ones from Saturday because my phone was dead.

You Chicago people are nice, and your pizza is delicious.
Hey all!

Next week I'll be in Chicago for Wizardworld

Find me at C37 in the artist alley!

 I will have two new prints (Ninja turtles + Stormtrooper on a dewback) in limited quantities, as well as colouring books and sketch books. I'm bringing a reduced roster of old prints, some are going to be retired and sold in bundle packs at a future Canadian con.

Also: Stickers, bookmarks, buttons and magnets will be there.

Commission prices will be the same as Calgary, with the exception of the large pieces - my prices have gone up a little.

You-as-a-pony or Cuties: 46, colour (Watercolour or marker) $10
46 Index card pencil: $5
Letter sized sketches (Pencil): $20 and up
Letter sized Colour - $50 and up

I will not be pre-drawing any commissions*, although I have You-As-a-Pony examples.

Hope to see you there!

* With the exception of the person who is acting as my mail-drop. Thank you!
I will be at table X26! Come and see me! I'm next to Dan Parent, so I might be suppressing my inner fangirl.

Full info at my site…

However, here's the nitty gritty for my con prices this year:

You-as-a-pony or Cuties: 46, colour (Watercolour or marker) $10
46 Index card pencil: $5
Letter sized Bust sketches: $10
More detailed pencil sketches: $20 and up
Letter sized Colour (watercolour preferred) $40 and up

I don't know my table number yet, but I am a guest, so find me where all the guests artists are!

Hope to see you there.
I have been drawing again, and as a teaser I have uploaded some cards and more will be coming soon!

But don't you worry your pretty little heads, I am drawing again but it'll take me some time to get into the swing of things. The whole going back to school thing sapped my time and budget away, but now that I don't have to study in my evenings I'm going to be spending some time arting once more.

And now I not longer have to draw or design because I NEED to, but because I WANT to.

I do want to still take commissions, but not now. i have a tiny backlog.

hey all! I have my crit chicken knitting pattern for sale.

So far it is just on Ravelry, but if you want one, you can paypal me $4 Canadian, and I will send it your way!…

Here is a link to my Store envy store - the pattern and other goodies are on it
I have some commissions to work on, which means you will have more art soon.

I have been taking a break from art, but it's a new year and I am ready to do new things. 2012, hurrah!
I have been playing, and drawing, a lot of WoW for a lot of years. I had the opportunity to get in on the beta weekend for SWTOR and, well, I'm happy. I've always loved Bioware's games and I love the immersion of the quests and the dialogs.

Does this mean I won't do WoW commissions? oh hell no. I love drawing orcs and elves, but, of course, if you want your SWTOR character drawn, I am your lady!

There is a part of me that's kinda sad, but I think this has been coming for a while. WoW has run its course. Time for new and awesome things and something else to pique my drawing interest!

Also, for the rest of the day you can get You as a pony or cutie commissions for $10 :D
OK, guys. This weekend and this weekend only - Cuties and custom ponies are $10! Colour sketch cards, $15 (Plus shipping)

I am taking 10 slots to start, I will be starting them on Friday, Friday, Friday!

Comment to reserve a slot. Fan art, WoW characters, original Characters, pokemonz - anything goes!

Just comment or send me an email to

Do not send any money until friddday!

1. Carla from FB
2. Sketch card 1
3. Sketch card 2
I have put up one of my Star Wars Galaxy 6 returns on ebay. Check it out :D…
I am open for Cuties, badges and other small commissions indefinitely. Hooray! Please note that all prices are in Canadian, although I might have a 'My dollar can beat up your dollar' sale sometime soon and charge in US.

Cuties! $15 - All over the place

You as a pony - $15 - Watercolour!

Pokepals Badges  with digital delivery only - $25 ( ) (…)

Marker Badges: $30

Marker JUMP! Badges $35 (… )

Oversized watercolour badges: $50

For more info about larger commissions etc, visit my commissions page!…

Note some of the pieces are out of date, I am going to work on that this week.

For those of you who don't know, I decided a few years back to change my career from 100% creative to 100% SCIENCE!!!11 It had been a dream of mine to be a lab tech, but circumstances pushed me to art, and then eventually I decided to go back.

I am in my clinical placement year, and enjoying almost every minute of it. Does this mean I am not drawing? Oh hell no. I am just drawing a little less. Slowly I am finding the shift from art to science is bringing back some of my creativity. And who lows, maybe I will polish up some of my hematology cartoons.

Just FYI, i will be opening some more cutie commissions and I still have plenty of Uncanny X Ponies prints left :)
I am taking 'You as a pony' commissions. Here's the deal, any more details than this are more cash!

$15 each, watercolour, around 4x6 in 5x7 paper. (PLUS SHIPPING) All prices are in Canadian

What you get:

ONE body colour
ONE colour for mane and tail
Relatively uncomplex cutie mark
Eye colour
Your choice of unicorn, pegasus or earth pony.
If you want the mane or tail drawn in a certain way (Straight, curly, long, short) I will do my best.
Let me know if you want a brony, I will draw him with a squarer face and/or without eye lashes.

There are no backgrounds.

If you want anything beyond the basics, let me know! it'll be extra!

Please comment or send an email to amy at flyingarmadillo dot com and I will ponify you!

Watercolour ponies are awesome and not streaky like the marker ones. Note that I cannot guarantee exact colour matching with watercolours.

ALSO. I have X-pony prints for $5 Canadian plus shipping!
Hey all! I will be at CCEE next weekend, June 17-19. I will be in the artist/writer guest area at table P09 surrounded by a bunch of awesome creative folks.

I will have a number of prints, including the My Little Pony one, magnets, stickers and art.

There will be things at my table ranging from $1 to $500, so there's something for everyone.

If you bring a CCEE artbook to my table to be signed, I will have something special for you and everyone who buys something gets a free trading card or postcard. One per person!

Going to CCEE? Want a commission? You are in luck!

I'm taking some pre-con commissions. They're a little more expensive than my con prices (but cheaper than my normal commission rates), but you get a lot more luuurve.

All prices are in Canadian

Sketch cards: $20 (colour), $10 (Pencil)

Cuties: $15 (Colour!)

Beanies: $5

Full sized commissions: Start at $25 for pencil/B&W Bust sketches and go up.


At the con I will also be drawing $1 crayon sketches and $5 Pokemonz or Ponies. Gather your references for Pokemonz or Ponies and stop by my table :D

And I will also have other random tidbits, prints and the like. I need to get some prints re-printed and I have to think of something to do for a new print.

I will also have any return cards I have available.

I have a bunch of old Star Wars fan art that I have discovered during my packing. I have them for sale from $3-$25 (Canadian) and you can check them out here:…

In the OFFICIAL directory are pieces I've done either for lucasfilm or one of their licensees, prices are in US dollars and are as marked (Range from $20-$500). I also have the 'Castaways of Endor' originals for sale, but they're not in that directory…


If you purchase an official piece and a fan art piece, your whole order can be in US dollars to save you a couple of bucks :D

Shipping is extra. Please note a lot of the official pieces are oversized (How to draw, Galaxy card) so will be a little more to ship.

Interested? Shoot me an email :D artyewok at gmail dot com